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  • Band Profile: This Is Our Story

     Band Profile. Meet the band, and the story will be simple - Rock Rewind is Cleveland's Premiere Arena Rock Tribute Band. Additionally, they take a unique approach to music combining a love of rock n roll with technical know-how too. Moreover, their expertise ensures that each performance replicates the original as closely as possible also.

    Rock Rewind has spent several years recording keyboards, lead guitars, and vocals too. They also spent time fine-tuning the sound right down to the drums. Additionally, all that time spent is to create a live music spectacle so impressive it has to be seen and heard to believe. Moreover, you can see the meet the band story about Rock Rewind is complicated when it comes to technical precision too.

    Furthermore, the band profile is a story about Rock Rewind continues with our custom light show. It perfectly complements the music we play also. Additionally, the band has two 42 inch plasma screens running live video. One screen runs a high definition camera feed showing the band on stage too. In a like manner the other shows the original MTV video of the groups we cover too.

    Also, plasma screens mimic a Jumbotron at a rock show! Moreover, they synchronize the original band's video to play along with our click track. Additionally, it runs at the speed of our live performance. By the same token, the band's audiences enjoy our hard work. Furthermore, we would love for you to sing along. Additionally, dance along. Moreover, have fun alongside us at our next show. They hope to see you soon also!

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  • Band Profile Simple Or Complicated: You Choose

    The band profile is a simple one. Rock Rewind is an arena rock tribute band. The band profile about Rock Rewind is at the very same time complicated. The band is super technical with lights and video along with the playing. Rock Rewind is an enigma and pretty unique. The only complication an audience has is whether to sit and enjoy the sights and sound. Or will they get up and dance!!

    Oh and one more thing about them....Rock Rewind won't disappoint! Check out the band profile.

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  • Band Profile: About Rock Rewind Members

  • Julie Swango

    Bass Guitar - R. Guitar - Vocals

  • As bass guitarist for Rock Rewind, Julie endeavors to recreate, every detail of the bass line for each song. She transcribes the bass part from studio cuts as the first step in her learning process to ensure a note for note execution during a performance. The results: Killer.

    She also has played a huge part in the further development of every aspect of the Rock Rewind stage show experience. The foundation of Julie's musical roots is in her many years as a classically trained violinist, and self-taught guitarist and keyboardist. After moving to bass guitar in early 2014, she now feels most at home playing bass.

    As music careers go, Julie has been a part of many now-defunct bands and groups of the late 80's and early 90's. Since then, she has spent her years in obscurity following her musical whims and passions. Before Rock Rewind, Julie has occasionally performed with various orchestras, small ensembles, and ad-hoc groups playing whatever instrument the occasion demanded.

  • Ron Belik

    Drums and Vocals

  • Ron's interest in drums started at an early age. His dad played drums, so he helped him along. After that, Ron taught himself. He would listen to bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, and The Who.

    Ron played along to their albums over and over again. He remembers his friends getting mad because he would rather play drums than hang out with them, play sports, etc. Ron started playing in public with local bands when he was 20.

    He plays with several bands from that point forward. Some of them included Precious, 100 Proof, The Hardluck Band and currently Shaky Jake and Metal Inc. Ron has appeared on TV 8's PM Magazine in July of 1981 with Ray Bennett from the band Damnation of Adam Blessing.

    The Rock Rewind drummer also played with Cleveland favorites Andy Gerome, and Marcia Sindelar from the Swamp Boogie Band. Ron is currently the thunder from down under and the heartbeat of Rock Rewind.

  • Wade Nichols

    Guitars - Keyboards - Lead Vocals - Back Vocals

  • Wade is the Guitarist, Keyboardist, Vocalist, and brainchild of Rock Rewind. Growing up in Lakewood OH, music has always been a part of his life. Starting at a very young age, 3 or 4, he listened to Herb Albert with his parents and was quizzed on what instrument was playing. That is how the obsession with music began! Later, in grade school and high school, he sang in choir both at school and church.

    Moving to Illinois in 1984 to continue playing football and to go to college, he picked up the guitar and started playing in bands. His music endeavors from that point forward have consisted of just being in the right place at the right time. After moving to Milwaukee in 1992, he has run live sound for national recording artists, live theater, and hundreds of local bands.

    He has written three albums, and some of those songs played on local Milwaukee radio stations. He has played those same songs live on local Milwaukee cable television shows as well.

  • Owning A Studio & Meeting Mentors

    He has owned and operated Starsound Studios, Cleveland Recording Studio for the past 20 years and after returning home to Northeast OH in 2001 started Rock Rewind. All of the music, video, and light show Pre-Recorded for Rock Rewind was recorded, designed, and played by Wade at Starsound Studios.

    He studied to be a science teacher, but in 2004, he was asked to teach music at A.B. Hart Middle School in the Cleveland Municipal School District. He wrote a grant, it was accepted, and put a recording studio lab in the back of the auditorium. That building is closed, and Wade is teaching at H. B. Booker.

    Along with teaching school, being in Rock Rewind, he has traveled to New York, Boston, and Fort Wayne to learn from Grammy and Emmy winning/nominated recording engineers Fab Dupont, Johnathan Wyner, Mark Hornsby, and Ed Cherney. Along with the incredible wisdom given by the 4 engineers mentioned, he is also taking classes in the Recording Arts and Technology (RAT) program at Tri-C Community College to earn an Associates Degree in audio recording/engineering.

  • Dan Lavley

    Lead Guitar

  • Dan came from a musical family. His dad would play piano after dinner, and the kids would all gather around and sing along. Dan's mother was stone tone deaf, so luckily he got his musical ability from his father and not his mother. The lead guitarists folks got him piano lessons at age five, and he learned to read music.

    At age 15 he picked up his first guitar, which immediately began to occupy all his time. He and his friends all taught each other songs and played together. Dan was also fortunate enough to have studied with some musical monsters: piano with Darius Brubeck (Darius Brubeck Quartet) and guitar with Chris Risola (SteelHeart).

    Although Dan had never joined a professional rock band before Rock Rewind, he has always loved playing with friends and family, and a few church bands along the way. Even with the family demands of a wife and three children, and two careers owning businesses as an IT consultant and a tree surgeon, he's never stopped practicing and playing, and continually learning guitar and music theory.

    Whatever he's playing, what Dan enjoys most is duplicating the exact sound of the original artist as closely as possible. He brings this obsession to Rock Rewind: to get every note right, every voicing, every tone, every nuance as close as possible to the original sound.

  • His Favorite Music

    His favorite music has always been Rock 'n' Roll. Having lived his early years in England, Dan grew up listening to The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and other British Invasion bands. Other favorites are Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Robin Trower.

    Still, others include The Outlaws, Deep Purple, CSNY, The Allman Brothers Band, CCR, Heart, Bad Company, Cream, Santana, Boston, Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Montrose, and many 70's and 80's rock bands.