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    Legendary music. We are glad you found this page! Moreover, you can listen to our music and hear our practice sessions. Furthermore, we record them in stereo LIVE. We added no extra processing or studio tricks.

    When you listen to the legendary music go ahead and kick it off with our cover of The Who; Baba O'Riley. That is the correct title and not Teenage Wasteland. The sound of that looped synthesizer is unmistakable. Moreover, The Babys will inspire you to say; I am going to get Back on My Feet Again too. Like Night Ranger; you know someone you can ask to Sing Me Away too. In case you do not, we will sing you away ourselves!

    Just like Styx says about the night that Lorelei moves in that he can hardly wait. We can hardly wait to put on a show for you too. Just like Foreigner if we have got Double Vision and can't see straight don't you worry because it "Feels Like The First Time.

    Additionally, we are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful woman on stage: Julie Swango. Furthermore, we like to sing to her just like The Tubes that She's a Beauty! Moreover, Don't worry we will not be looking for A New Girl Now like Honeymoon Suite is doing. Don't Tell Me You Love Me, she says. Too late we already do! Furthermore, you are awesome, and our band would not kick half the butt it does without you. Equally important, listen to the legendary music of Rock Rewind, and you will agree!

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    You know, just like REO Speedwagon, I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore! Moreover, being in an arena rock tribute band is amazing. In addition, will you join in with Foreigner to Say You Will... say you will book Rock Rewind for your next event! We look forward to playing for you also.

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