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    Hi everyone read the Music Blog posts on our progress and the inner circle of our band. Read how we pay particular tribute to the original arena rock bands that we cover. Our unique brand of attention to detail and music technicality is very impressive. It is hard to tell us apart.

    The Music Blog posts will inform you of what we are currently doing. Feel free to drop us a line if there is something that you wish to know. We will try our best to get a post out about your topic. Please check back with us soon. With our big mouths, there will be plenty to hear. Cheers!

  • Taking The Cleveland Music Scene By Storm

    Taking the Cleveland Music Scene by Storm

    The Cleveland music scene is vibrant and exciting and how could it not be? Ohio's second largest city is home to the world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rock Rewind, an arena rock tribute band, is backed by four dedicated Cleveland music artists. Their dedication to the genre has won Rock [...]

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    One of the Best Cleveland Bands Pays Tribute to Rock and Roll

    Not all Cleveland bands know how to rock, but Rock Rewind does! When we say rock, we're not talking about granite, limestone or marble we're talking about Rock and Roll, one of the most musically and societally transformative genres of our time. Rock music is life. It's energy. It's power, and it's [...]

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    Tribute Bands: Why Rock Rewind is One of Cleveland’s Best

    Tribute bands; also called cover bands; are music groups that perform the original works of other well-known artists. We are Rock Rewind, and we're Cleveland's number one arena rock tribute band! What is arena rock, anyway? You've probably heard, danced and sang along to it, without even knowing it.[...]

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