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    Below are photos of our ragtag bunch of hoodlums. Together we form on of the most kick-butt cover bands in Cleveland. Furthermore, we have several group pictures. They were taken on our stage as we played our songs. We also took the photos on our stage. The group also had the opportunity to take them downtown. Of course, Cleveland is a scenic city, and we took advantage of it! We also did a little green screen studio work at Starsound Studios.

    Additionally, Rock Rewind is an alternative to the regular cover band. We provide lights, cameras, and action. Furthermore, with our specific way of playing, we produce an outstanding show. In addition, it is filled with lights and sound as if you were at a real rock concert. Please visit other sections of our website to learn more about us.

    Equally important, Mara Robinson took all of our photos. She takes fantastic pictures; we are proof too. Check out our photos below. She was such a pleasure to work with, and we think our pictures came out great. Even though we do not take professional photos every day, we look like we do. As a matter of fact, no runway divas here. Just great band action pictures by a seriously professional photographer.

  • Green Screen Photos

    We also took pictures in the green screen room at Starsound Studios. We have all kinds of possibilities now too! Take the green out, and we can be anywhere also. Check out our last two pictures at the bottom of the page. The picture of us is the same. We downloaded a picture of the Chinese Theater. We then inserted our photo without the green and Voila! It is like magic. Shhh...do not tell anyone. It will be our secret.

    In addition, these images give you an idea of what we will look like at your venue. Furthermore, we will see you soon. Cheers!