• Rock Star Stage

  • Check Out Our Rock Star Stage

    The Rock Star Stage ensures we don’t just like the music we play. We put our audience on sensory overload. The rock star stage shows our custom light show is a dazzling display of dancing and moving lights. If you add the fog and pyrotechnic fog you get a dimension to the lights that set it apart. Not to mention fog shooting 10 feet into the air and lit up to look like a flame. Don't worry it is not hot. It only looks that way!

    Our rock star stage also includes two custom video presentations. The first shows the original band's MTV video synchronized to our click track. Our show and their MTV video run in perfect tandem. It is at the very same point we are playing in the song. The rock star stage includes a second video presentation. We have 11 high definition cameras clamped around our lighting truss. It is our version of a jumbotron you see at a rock show. We have interesting camera views, and they can be switched from shot to shot following the music and our band members that are playing it.

    We also respect the musicians who came before us and pour our heart and soul into performing their songs, note-by-note, chord-by-chord, lick-by-lick, and hit by hit-crash-and-shake. The sound that you hear is as true as possible to the original songs you know and love. The playing combined with our stage set up puts Rock Rewind Cleveland in a category all to their own.

  • The Stage And Effects

    The curtains and coverings are black as ink perfect for showing off our rainbow of guitars, beautiful tan-colored bass, the ebonies and ivories on the Korg X5D, and Ron's fierce, flaming, Tru Trac-enabled electronic kit that sets the rhythm with its custom-emblazoned kick drum. And just in case you forget who you are listening to (not because we don't stand out, but because we sound so much like the bands we cover!), a colorful poster hangs above us to remind you that we are Rock Rewind!

    The stage is surrounded by 52 lights, motorized lights, pyro fog machines, and four lasers to form our custom-tailored lighting system. Two large Dynex 42inch plasma screens are on both sides of the stage. One shows high definition video of us performing live; the other shows the original MTV video of the groups we are covering, synced to our performance!

    Wade; the owner of Starsound Studios ensures that we sound stellar. The engineer always keeps the band under control with a labeled and color-coded 32 channel Hear Technologies Mix Back mixer. The mixer feeds a whole host of rack-mounted goodies including compressors and gates. (to keep everything clean, punchy and loud) There are effects pedals as well. The award-winning SansAmp RBI is used to shape Julie's bassline into whatever the song demands. The guitars are custom created to sound exactly like the guitars of the original bands. The guitars play through Avid's Eleven Rack processor. Our amps do go to 11!

    Our rock star stage is a magical place, where the alchemy of music and technology creates a sensory delight that's sure to get you dancing!

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