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    Read our testimonials. They come from Grammy nominated and winning recording engineers. Our testimonials come from recording software executives. They have been listening to our music from the beginning. We have received testimonials of sales engineers from large music stores. Who would know better?

    We are truly honored to have these industry heavyweights take the time to give us their encouragement. It has meant the world to us. Even our close friends have jumped on the bandwagon. They know the hard work and dedication it took to get where we are. Our dedication and hard work have paid off, and people have sat up and noticed. We are truly grateful for their kind words. It only fuels our passion for working harder and honing our show to be a spectacle.

    These testimonials prove we are on the right track. We would be honored to hear from you too. So if you could leave us an endorsement, we would appreciate it very much. Cheers!

  • Hear What They Have To Say

  • "This stuff keeps sounding better and better. Great work man! The guitar tones in particular are so well done, and the playing is spot on."

    rating Brad Swanson Product Manager Izotope Software

  • "Your recording sounds really good. Can't believe it's straight out of the board too!"

    rating Claire Hollenbeck Vice President of Education Izotope Software

  • "Very nice! I'm proud of all of you guy's! Great work! Pass it on to the rest of the gang, my kudos!"

    Jim Berger Lead Singer/Guitarist for Cool Breeze

  • Industry Leaders

  • "You guys are fearless. Play for people. Go ahead. Sounds like you're ready."

    Fab Dupont Multi-Grammy Nominated Producer/Engineer

  • "Very cool Wade. Very cool."

    rating Ed Cherney 3 Grammy 5 TEC and 1 Emmy Winning Producer/Engineer.

  • "Great Wade…Morgan and I watched it…looks and sounds great"

    Derek Senestraro Senior Sales Engineer Sweetwater