• Tribute Bands: Why Rock Rewind is One of Cleveland’s Best

    March 20, 2016 | Rock Rewind
  • What Is A Tribute Band?

    Tribute bands; also called cover bands; are music groups that perform the original works of other well-known artists. We are Rock Rewind, and we're Cleveland's number one arena rock tribute band!

    What is arena rock, anyway? You've probably heard, danced and sang along to it, without even knowing it. Some people call it anthem rock;, pomp rock; or stadium rock. Call it what you like; no matter the name, it rocks! Bands like Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Night Ranger, The Who, Honeymoon Suite, Styx, and The Tubes; among many others; helped define the rock and roll landscape of the 1970's and 1980's.

  • The Best Tribute Bands Know How to Rock!

    Everything about arena rock is big: Big sound, big venues, big lighting systems; and quite often, big hair! Rock Rewind loves the genre; the unabashed vocals, choruses, infectious melodies, thundering bass and big, banging drums are a blast to play. Listening to them is an enjoyable experience as well. Our music; or, more specifically, the music we meticulously cover; comes from a time when going to a rock concert wasn't just something you did for kicks on a Saturday night. Back then, concerts were a real spectacle, an immersive experience where the music would take you away.

    What makes Rock Rewind stand out from other tribute bands? Above all else, we are passionate about what we do. A love of music runs deep in all of us, and it shows every time we play. You can't fake the kind of infectious energy we bring to each performance. Rock Rewind is full of experience. In fact, our four members (Dan Lavely, Julie Swango, Ron Belik, and Wade Nichols), have decades of cumulative musical experience between them. And, like all professional musicians, we're dedicated to putting on a great show. Sure, we love to have fun on stage, but our priority is to satisfy - you.

  • How Close Do You Play?

    Some tribute bands like to put their twist on things. Rock Rewind does, too, but in a very particular way: we endeavor to play every note and sing each word in a manner as close to the original music as possible. It satisfies our pursuit of excellence, honors the musical geniuses who came before use, and ensures that our audience gets the experience they paid to experience!

    We keep true to the arena rock aesthetic. Our performances feature lights, lasers, fog and pyro-fog machines, as well as two huge 42-inch video screens. Band member and founder Wade Nichols handles the technical details. He also owns and operates Cleveland's Starsound Studios. His twenty-plus years as a studio operator have given him the know-how needed to shape our sound into something you've got to hear to believe!


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